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How Much Can a Koala Bear NGV Melbourne Design Week

Dates: 15-31st March

Times: 10am 4pm Daily

St Heliers Gallery

Abbotsford Convent, 1 st Heliers St, Abbotsford

For more details including the opening:

As part of the NGV's Melbourne Design Week, How much can a Koala Bear invites 16 contemporary, established and emerging designers, across broad design disciplines, to respond to the notion of what they think currently constitutes ‘Australianness’.

The exhibition will examine the various structures, values, beliefs and constructs that underpin our 21st century sense of Australian cultural identity, exploring how these systems both affect and inform design of the spaces we inhabit, the objects we engage with and the experiences we desire. Designers include; Marguerite Boland, Valissa Butterworth, S!X - Peter Boyd and Denise Sprynskyi, Lisa Carroll, James Dutton, Richard Greenacre, Judith Glover, Eugenie Kawabata, Katheryn Leopoldseder, Emma Luke, Felicity Mark, Geoffery Nees, Matilda Rutherford, Mechelle Shooter, Ingrid Verner and Zeniya Vreugdenhil.

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