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Constructed from 70x7 single-use communion cups, first used in and collected from a local church, Love Thy Neighbour juxtaposes our consumption and waste, against the commission to be stewards of the earth.



Love Thy Neighbour is engraved across three of the cups. The title, along with the ethereal chandelier's rippled formation, asks faith communities to consider whether the environmental impacts produced by a culture of convenience and disposability, is loving our neighbour?


Love Thy Neighbour is illuminated by environmentally sustainable LED globes.


Beyond recognising the tendency to corrupt, sanitise and individualise even the most sacred spaces in our lives, the chandelier also speaks of

hope and grace.


Symbolised by the illumination of light itself and also represented by the number of cups. 70 x 7, is a reference from Matthew18: 21-22. Challenging us to forgive and receive grace beyond our limitations.





Acrylic, 490 used disposable communion cups, wood, hooks, nylon,

base metals, light fixture.

July 2010

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