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Necklace for Mother forms part of a series of four necklaces that explore the notion of family under the pressures of long-term illness.


The necklace is a large scale sculptural piece of jewellery that is heavy and dark by virtue of its unique construction from lead. 

Shrouding the entire length of the body, each segment represents the form of a spirochaete bacteria. A concealed aluminium and copper frame within counteracts the tendency of lead to collapse; due to it's distinctive characteristics of weight and malleability.

Drawing from the alchemist notion that lead could be transformed to gold, the lead bacteria are linked by richly gilded aluminium jump rings. Gold has become a semiotic in my work for hope and redemption. Lead speaks of toxins and containment.


Necklace For Mother's weighty physical presence is a homage to the burden of chronic illness in our family history, whilst being an amulet to character and resilience, born of adversity.



Lead, Aluminium, copper, gold leaf.
Dimensions: 95h x 650w x 1180d mm


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