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Forging Gold, featuring Morgan Mitchell (Directors Cut)

Forging Gold - draws a powerful connection between the vision, and the mental and physical discipline required of the elite athlete; and that required for the process of working gold. I feel a deep affinity with the narrative of this film. It captures the grit required to get to the place where you can gain mastery of your materials, push through the cost and pain of failure, and finally make what you see in your mind.

I really wish that forging gold gave me the muscular back that Morgan Mitchell has - but I guess I'll have to be happy with one disproportionately large hammering arm instead!

Ace working with you @Rushentertainmentgroup

Client: Signet Australia

Featuring: Morgan Mitchell

Directed by: Rush @ Rush Entertainment Group

Creative Director: Matt Henry

Art Director: Luara Cardoso

D.O.P: Rush Super 8 DP: Luara Cardoso

Colorist: Juan Melara

Edited by: Rush & Luara Cardoso

Sound design: Rush

Writers: Matt Henry & Rem Bruijn

Drone: Michael De Florio

Assistant: Nate Mckay

Graphics: Phil Soliman

Jeweller: katheryn leopoldseder

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