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Where Moth & Rust Decay is a solo jewellery exhibition by Katheryn Leopoldseder. First exhibited in Melbourne and later in Bangalore, India.


The exhibition responds to Katheryn's travels through India. Reflecting on the structures of the built environments of Indian and Western societies. The iconic objects that inhabit our joint aspirations and reflect on both society's value systems. What each perceives as a fulfilling, successful existence.


The exhibition examines the material contrasts and the commonalities in values of the two societies through a mix of semi precious and common handmade components. The forms are readily identifiable and resonate in both societies.


The Collection aims to identify the common desire for security, value, and sense of achievement that we often attribute to the structures we establish around ourselves. While alluding to other values both societies might aspire to. 

Read on for the catalogue essay by Dr Kevin Murray

All under the same sun. All the same under the sun.Triptych

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